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thetonestarr said:

As has been pointed out, the pendant and design on the pedestal are actually the Crest of the Gerudo, so I now believe any possible correlation to Majora to be ambiguous after all.

However, note the dots in the Crest on the pedestal and the bordering around the details in the last screenshot. It has me now wondering if the designs aren't at least related, but I think now that the body may be Ganondorf instead. It's, at the very least, definitely Gerudo-related.

I now see that the symbol in the pendant appears very similar to the Gerudo crest, yeah.

The dots in the crest on the last screenshot?
The last screenshot you posted in the OP? That would be this one:

I can't see what dots you are referring to there. Do you mean this screenshot?

I see some dots there. Are you referring to the dots on Majora's Mask? Might be a stretch, but there's also two circle symbols that appear similar to eyes, so maybe.

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