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Mar1217 said:
flashfire926 said:
E3 was trash this year.

Nintendo won it by a landslide, everything else was lackluster.

Oh c'mon Square Enix/Nintendo and even some parts of Ubi and Microsoft conferences saved this E3 largely from being worse than some years I've seen.

I think there were some great announcements in every conference, but they were all paced so poorly (except Nintendo) that it felt like a huge slog most of the way through.

For Microsoft, I liked the Cyberpunk and the Keanu Reeves bit, Forza Lego expansion, and the Halo trailer.

Watchdogs 3 and the BOTW lookalike interested me from Ubisoft.

I also think Bethesda had some great sections, especially Ghostwire, Wolfenstein and DOOM eternal.

But the conferences were just a huge slog to get through.

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