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FloatingWaffles said:
HollyGamer said:

You are talking to much but ended up agree LOL.

For Nintendo Exception for direct play ,  It will be a different story when it come to  Nintendo, because Not all third party games coming to  Nintendo so Not all third party representing Nintendo , in fact Nintendo always the one promoting an old third party port that come to Switch 

Microsoft will be close to Sony scenario if they are not intending E3 , but the have less surprise moment, games and exclusives that not worth to hype. And their fan base is smaller than Sony. Especially this gen where Sony got more third party deals and exclusives and benefit of having more sales and getting more beter treatment from third party developer. But i say it's close

But with this Sony save a hell a lot of money while still gain promotion and marketing for their console.

I literally said I don't agree lmao, this entire thing is still pure reaching and I think all the reasons they gave completely destroy it 

if you wanna convince yourself of this then go ahead bud, you do you, we can just agree to disagree

The fact that Nintendo lack third party developer support  less exclusives on Xbox proves that both of them are really different from Sony and need E3 more then Sony.