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Things to note from the trailer first take:

- Zelda's choice of mount doesn't resemble the usual buffaloes in BOTW possible it's a new addition
- Obvious implied darker theme similar to MM
- Hyrule Castle is lifted into the air in the trailer could this mean more air exploration and the return of the Loftwing
- Link's core mechanic is going to be something to do with his arm, what ever that ethereal arm holding who is assumed to be the main antagonist is in place surely gets passed on to Link as it's seen in a scene appearing to save him.
- The possible villain looks resembles three main villains Ganondorf, Yugo or the demon himself Demise but could still be a new villain.
- Looks like the dark beast Ganon finds a host to inhabit as opposed to running around freely in BOTW.
- Link looks to still have the Master Sword.
- The villain (vessel) has the similar eyes to the moon in Majora's Mask.
- It's hard to notice but the murals on the wall depict a demon like figure attacking or killing what appears to be another figure who appears to be more regal like a king while two warriors of soldiers appear to want to take the demon on, one has a sword the other a bow.