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HollyGamer said:
FloatingWaffles said:

lmao how can I be the one reaching when it's engadget who are the ones making the claim here not me 

literally re-watch their video or hell even just re-read your own summary that you posted

  1. Sony Days of Play. Okay? Literally anyone can have a sale at any time and everyone has E3 sales.
  2. Everyone has these style of presentations now, Nintendo Directs, Inside Xbox. If it's considered to be "E3" by engadget just by whatever means you happen to get your info out then Nintendo has multiple E3's per year and Microsoft has one every month.
  3. This was going to happen regardless of whether Sony went to E3 or not, those PS4 games and multiplats weren't going to just magically disappear. It's no different from Sony advertising Microsoft games as well when they show third party games.
  4. Wow, you mean the distributor for something is gonna advertise it? Shocking.
  5. Literally based on what, because it got announced first? That's not how this works, if it were then I guess Microsoft has dominated the buzz ever since last E3 when they merely mentioned that they were working on their next console.
  6. Yes, and the PS5 announcement was also an indirect announcement for the Next Xbox. 
  7. Again, that game was gonna be shown whether or not Sony was at E3, just because they don't go doesn't mean it's not gonna be shown. The only way would be if they had a marketing deal with Sony, hence why Modern Warfare was nowhere to be found. 

Literally every point made in this video was either completely irrelevant towards E3, made no sense, or could be applied to absolutely anyone else as well. This was heavy reaching at its finest, it's like the person didn't wanna admit Sony wasn't at E3 so they came up with these "reasons" for how it was secretly their secret master plan and that they actually were there. Any point they wanted to try to make was supported by completely nonsense reasons. 

1. That's the point only Sony made sales during E3

2.Did we discussing about Nintendo ??? We are talking about Sony here 

3.Did Microsoft skipping E3 ??? We are talking about Sony

4. AMD clearly said their Navi are coming to PS5, yes it's shocking 

5. Microsoft indeed create the buzz first from last year,   but it has been replaced by Sony with Wired interview and a couple of early rumor , while followed by Microsoft yesterday by copying what Sony said from Wired interview  and it didn't work well, because unlike last year Microsoft does not create a buzz marketing words and jsut telling what Sony did tell to Wire.com 


7. That's the point, even without attending E3, Sony knew Square will shows the games.  

Did you even read what I replied? 

1) No, Sony has never been the only one to make sales during E3. Everyone does, Xbox and Nintendo have ones going right this very second, even Steam has a thing for E3 live announcements right now, and Valve isn't at E3. So how is Sony having a sale somehow a special thing compared to the others that gives them a secret benfit but nobody else? 

2) I mentioned Nintendo because according to this video and your description that Sony simply having a State of Play not too long ago created buzz before E3. If we're going by a logic where announcing any info through ANY form is considered being at E3, then that means Nintendo (due to having multiple directs per year) has multiple E3's, and Microsoft has E3 every month due to Inside Xbox. So saying "well they created buzz" once again doesn't have anything to do with E3 nor does it mean they were there but in secret.

3) Once again, you said the 3rd reason was that all the multiplats are indirectly and directly promoting Sony as if that lends more credence to the idea that this was some secret master plan that Sony had and was actually at E3 because of it, but those happen REGARDLESS of whether Sony would be there or not. If Sony is at E3, those multiplats are still shown. Even if they're not, those aren't gonna magically disappear. It's an irrelevant point to bring up that adds nothing.

4) AMD is the provider for Playstation so of course, if given the go ahead, they are gonna talk about it. 

5) If the argument for this one is "well Sony got the info out first so by the time Microsoft said theirs it didn't feel new anymore and felt like a repeat of what Sony said", then I dunno what to tell you man. While it was a smart move for Sony to release their info like that (since Microsoft's was lame as fuck regardless, hate those "videos of people talking about specs" things", it doesn't mean Microsoft copied. It just means they have similar capable specs. And just because Sony got theirs out first doesn't mean there's no buzz for Microsoft's at all now. 

6) ?

7) It's not just that Sony knew that, the game was gonna be shown regardless. So why are you treating it as if it was a part of some master plan when in all likelihood it was always gonna be shown whether Sony was at E3 or not. Again, just like the multiplats, it's an irrelevant point. Sure, you could argue "well Sony still got advertising", but still.

Oh well, I suppose we can just agree to disagree. I still think the video is heavily reaching though. Sony still got advertising from E3 in some avenues yes, but again that was gonna happen regardless of whether they want or not in the same way it would happen for Nintendo or Microsoft regardless of if they went or not, but I highly doubt it was because this was some master plan like they are trying to imply. 

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