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All the major players had their strengths and weakness. While Nintendo is pumping out new content/games for the console, for third parties its still a mostly portstation and somewhat delaystation (old PS4 namesakes) console. Its great to see BOTW2 revealed.

Square Enix's games (from the Japanese division not Edios) was stellar as well, they are taking their backlog and finally giving the western presence they deserve. Dragon Quest XI S looks great (hopefully there is some PS4 consideration) FF7R is living up to all the type and time allowed to it, just an overall good showing.

Microsoft vision was cool but the CGI heavy reveal of their games was a definite turnoff

Sony not being there is a negative, but after the other conferences, the backlash won't be severe (if at all).

Nintendo>Square Enix>>>>>>>Microsoft>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>others