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Some info on Bleeding Edge from Era.

Talked to a couple of the Bleeding Edge devs at Fanfest and got some details you guys might like.

-They only had 10-20 people on the project for most of development. That number jumped to 30 as they got closer to launching the Alpha. He said they have a ton of other projects in the works.

-Launching with ten characters across three classes. He was pretty cagey on support, but said they were open to adding characters and maps after launch, but for now they’re focused on balancing and getting the ten characters perfect.

-No word on release date other than they’re going to focus on the alpha and how feedback goes will dictate full release. I compared it to the early alpha stuff with Sea of Thieves and he said exactly.

-They wouldn’t comment on cosmetics, but they gave us a “fast pass” alpha access and the card mentions the code includes an exclusive hoverboard. Every character has a hoverboard, but they vary a bit from character to character based on design. I’m not sure how the board cosmetics will work, but I think it’s safe to assume there’ll be cosmetics.

-The game is not based on Project Razer, but is instead based on prototyping they did after doing DmC, imaging what a multiplayer version of that game might be.

-Like DMC, you can knock enemies into the air and attack them in air as part of combos, but they toned it down a ton, because during development, it was really frustrating when you were getting battered in the air for thirty seconds.

-There’s a ton of combos in the game and each character has two choices of ultimates, committing to one at the beginning of the match.

- I asked what games on the market they thought would be competitors. They said Overwatch, obviously. They also said they weirdly thought it might attract MOBA fans. It’s got a ton more action, obviously, but the way the abilities regenerate and the emphasis on tactics (I’ll touch more on this later.) might sway people who are getting a bit tired with traditional MOBAs.

I got to play a tutorial of the game and extended demo and it greatly exceeded my expectations. I thought it was a really nice mix of precision and arcade while looking really nice and committing to the style.

It is very heavy on strategy. The maps are designed with lanes like a MOBA and the abilities regenerate on a timer. The characters are pretty different. I played the same character the whole time to really do a bit of a deep dive. For example, most characters dodge with RT, but my character changed stances with RT. He had two stances, one focused on speed that made him faster and one focused on healing that regenerated health faster. One of my abilities was also dependent on which stance I was in. We got wiped at one point and the developer on our team basically told us to wait for everyone to respawn, because it would be impossible to go 1 vs. 4. It’s absolutely a team game.