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This game's reveal has been quite relieving. So many great details
-All the character designs have been stellar.
-Midgar visuals are glorious
-Game utilizes a mixture of Action and slower Strategy based combat. Seemingly borrowing aspects of FFXII and XIII.
-Strategy of the combat hasn't been lost but evolved.
-Cloud, Barrett, Tifa, and Aerith each seem to be unique to play and offer something different. Very Akin to Tales of Xillia but less cumbersome between characters.
-Dynamic environmental interactions such as using barriers
-Combat movement versatility: Air attacks, dodge rolling, Strafing, ducking, etc.
-Brand New Scenarios like Cloud on Bike with Jesse, Aerith and Cloud being swarmed by spirits/phantoms, Sephiroth appearing to Cloud
-This First Part of the game is large enough to Fill 2 BluRay discs, which gives me faith that even if the game ends with Midgar, the meat will be valuable and substantial.

Truly imagining a Midgar so large that Cloud can and will travel from sector to sector on Bike. Brand new storyline elements with the short lived Jesse, Biggs, and Wedge.

The worst part is having to wait till March to play this game. Hopefully the rumor of PS4 demo coming turns out to be true.




Greatness Awaits

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