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1) Enemies change location, position, and vulnerable states to make you switch between party member in order to defeat them (I want to know how this comes into play with all the different characters and their possible specifications, could it be that you may not be able to defeat a boss if, for example, you don't go into battle with the necessary party member? Or maybe they force you to use a certain set of members in specific situations? Or perhaps there is always a way to defeat them even if you don't have a ranged fighters like Barret in the party?)

2) You can use environment to take cover and avoid attacks? Nice. There is definitely more strategy to this game and those previous trailers indeed show close to nothing about gameplay. Level design will play a big key on how much environment will come into play at battles. It is possible that the good environment stuff we may only get during boss fights or important fights.

3) That Scorpion Sentinel already required more strategy and lasted more than any of the 7 playthroughs I had with it in the original game lol

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: