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shikamaru317 said:
Chazore said:

Jesus Christ, why on earth would you want Valve to stoop to their level of mediocrity?. 

Valve matching the cut isn't going to magically stop EG from buying up exclusives, you should know this isn't their game by now, because consoles take the same cut, as do other storefronts and even Discord offers the superior cut, and yet EG aren't matching theirs. 

Come on man, don't turn this platform into a "PC gaming must fight back like console gaming" mentality. I do not want Valve playing Epic's little childish game of "who can destroy an open platform the fastest?". 

I'm not necessarily saying that Valve should moneyhat games, I'm just saying that Valve hasn't responded to the threat that EGS presents yet after months of Epic continually buying games and continually stealing marketshare. They definitely should match the profit sharing though, it's alot cheaper for Epic to buy exclusives when the devs/publishers are not only getting the moneyhat money, but also a larger cut of the sales.

The situation is not going to magically get any better for Valve or Steam users if Valve keeps doing nothing. Epic's not going to stop moneyhatting exclusives clearly, their strategy is clearly working because their userbase is growing quickly. The situation will only get worse as EGS catches up to Steam on user requested features, most of which are on Epic's roadmap. 

But why do they have to respond, in a manner that EGS is responding to the entirety of PC gaming with?.

Their CEO acts like a smug rich spoilt child, and even replies to general consumers in such a manner. Gaben doesn't act anywhere like Tim does, and now I know why.

Tim acts full of it, acts like he's the savior of PC gaming, acts like PC gaming was a dumpster fire, before he came along, when in reality, he left PC gaming back when piracy was at it's strongest. He left and went "you won't find games like Gears on a PC, maybe if you're into Facebook gaming". Gabe came and solved the issue, marrying it to a service problem, and he was right. look at the current state of streaming right now, look at how piracy rates are starting to climb, and look at what's going on within the PC space as well. It's become very clear that what EGS is doing isn't for our benefit, it's a benefit to the few that take Epic's cheques.

Look at what has now transpired with the Shem devs. They've broken a rule over on KS for what they've done, and now, very recently we find this little nugget, that's sent people off the deep end (rightfully so): 

I don't think Valve need sto respond directly, to something that is now not their problem.

If anything, I think Valve eneds to file some suits of their own, because it has become ever so increasingly apparent, that devs are simply slapping the game on Steam, sucking up early pre-orders, then taking that EGS exclusivity money, then ripping it off Steam, but leaving it there for free advertisement and taking the Steam pre-orders, without honoring all of them. THis has to be made illegal, because quite frankly, it's disgusting and it's taking two groups entirely for granted.

People gave Valve shit for not doing literally anything and everything to get a devs game up front and center (literally impossible, because we get more devs each month, and any sane person knows a front store page has only so much space to view from), and now we have Devs and another storefront taking Valve for a freeloaded ride and it's consumers as well.

Valve needs to carry on making their games, finishing their store revamp, making their new network APi the best if can be for devs not wanting to abuse them and consumers, and then fire back at the devs who alienated consumers, by booting those free ad game pages off of Steam, because quite frankly, those games aren't being released until 2020, and they are currently being sold elsewhere.

I am quite fed up with all this that has transpired. I already hate what Tim is doing to this open platform, but now I just hate that I have now lost any and all trust with devs, because a few greedy ones decided to poison the well of consumer trust. 

We've defended indie devs for far too long. Far too many people using the "oh woe is me, I need to put food on the table for my studio staff", oh yeah?, well so do we all, woe is all of us, who work odd jobs and earn far less money than a golden game would, but you don't see me trying to blame a storefront for my issues.

Hell, today I've even had an upcomign dev share his view on how this kind of crap has now made it harder for them to get their feet off the ground, because they actually see the damage the few are doing to the less fortunate.

This isn't an issue of "get off your arse Valve", this is more an issue of "hey, stop doing the most shadiest and should be illegal shit devs/Epic", and shame on KS for not seeing this transpiring and doing anything to protect consumers. 

Before any of this, KS games went on as usual, but now Epic is on the field, everything has gone to hell. it's not Valve, it's the devs/Epic, and people need to be woken up to this reality.