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shikamaru317 said:

Is Gabe Newell ever going to get his head out of the sand and respond to the threat that Epic poses? Valve still haven't matched Epic's developer profit sharing, still haven't started moneyhatting exclusives of their own. It's like he's just sitting up in his ivory tower watching as Epic steals more and more games and more and more of Steam's marketshare.

Jesus Christ, why on earth would you want Valve to stoop to their level of mediocrity?. 

Valve matching the cut isn't going to magically stop EG from buying up exclusives, you should know this isn't their game by now, because consoles take the same cut, as do other storefronts and even Discord offers the superior cut, and yet EG aren't matching theirs. 

Come on man, don't turn this platform into a "PC gaming must fight back like console gaming" mentality. I do not want Valve playing Epic's little childish game of "who can destroy an open platform the fastest?".