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the-pi-guy said:
vivster said:
Damn, I just skipped through it and no word of TES6. Instead we have ESO that nobody plays, Blades, that's literal garbage and ESL that's the only good thing they produced in the last 10 years but still nobody plays.

At least there's Doom.

It was mentioned:

"Yes, we are still hard at work on our next gen RPGs Starfield and of course, Elder Scrolls 6."

They said it wasn't going to be there. 

Next year's show should be much better.

Next year will be better if they shut down Fallout 76, Blades and ESO by then.

Though not to sound too negative I still got my so far highlight out of their show and that's Ghostwire. I hope they'll get that one done before TES6.

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