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finally some BC news again. Somehow I totally forgot about them, but after checking, the last BC additions was Hitman HD Trilogy one month ago. Was also hoping to see a few 4k updates for 360 games on the conference.

Started a few of the new Game Pass games:

Bridge Constructor Portal - really good. Improved quite a bit over the last Bridge Constructor game. It's now far more trouble free to build a bridge, the Portal humor is there and the Portal gameplay elements change it up a little. Also it's my 600th Xbox One game I played according to TA.

Guacamelee 2 - great as expected. Not too far into the game but everything feels right.

Supermarket Shriek - surprisingly fun. I thought the gameplay stuff they showed during previous conferences (including this E3) make it seem like a shitty indie game but it's actually pretty decent. Not brilliant by any means but enjoyable enough.

Shenmue 2 - boy this game aged poorly. Barely remember anything when I played it on the original Xbox. This is nothing but a straight port with a higher resolution. Not even the cutscenes are full screen. Graphically ugly, voice overs have a terrible audio quality and the controls are pretty poor. I hesitate to start the first Shenmue...

Old Man's Journey - Only started it for the easy Gamerscore but I've played worse, much worse.