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crissindahouse said:
Machiavellian said:
I was wondering why people were getting hyped for this conference. Being a inbetween console year, I really did not expect them to show their hand to much if at all. You can believe Sony taking off this year is because they will have all their guns ready next year to showcase the PS5 and MS needs to be ready to battle just as hard. A showing of Fable and Perfect Dark sounds like a good start. Gameplay of Halo Infinite might even be better and if they have any hidden guns ready to show who knows.

Well, it was Microsoft (including guys like Spencer) and insiders hyping it up.

If they wouldn't act as if people will see stuff people won't believe then people wouldn't expect that much.

But with all this talk before E3 you just had to believe to see awesome Gears story scenes, some big surprises (nothing was really big) and so on...

Without all of this I guess most wouldn't have expected anything special

Yeah, insiders really dropped the ball with this one, remind me never to trust a word they say again when it comes to hyping something up