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Xbox’s E3 briefing begins in less than four hours and we already have some key details about the console. Credible leaker Sabi has both tweeted and provided us with some key information regarding Microsoft’s next-gen console, “Xbox Scarlett”.

Xbox Scarlett will be backwards compatible with Xbox One. For the Xbox 360, we aren’t quite sure. The console is said to be compatible with “4 generations of content”, including past controllers and accessories.

The Scarlett will have faster load times, will support 120 frames per second, 8K resolution and will use SSD for virtual ram. Microsoft will announce it as the “most immersive console experience”.

Currently, the console’s focus is primarily video games. There are no discussions regarding other media as of now.

There will be a second-generation elite controller announcement along with the console.

The Xbox Scarlett is planned for a Holiday 2020 release with Halo Infinite.

We’ll update the article as more details are being shared with us.