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Dark_Lord_2008 said:

The top 10% of men who understand women, are confident in themselves, and know what they are doing monopolize all the desirable women. Dating is fun and easy for these men, but is hard and frustrating for the remaining 90%.

The reason for this is because the demand for them is a lot lower than the supply.

Men are usually wired to make the first move, and attractive women naturally get hundreds or thousands of messages from guys a day. The high levels of perceived interest allows women to increase their standards and reject most of the men that reach out. The high amounts of rejection is what causes some men to become bitter or give up on dating.

Women don’t get rejected as often simply because they usually aren’t the initiators, so they don’t experience as much hardship as men.

Another reason why dating is harder for the 90% of men, is because the skillset needed to succeed in dating as a man is much more complex than that needed to succeed as a woman. To increase her prospects in dating, a woman just needs to look better by exercising and eating healthy, and maybe picking up a hobby or two to have something to talk about.

A lot of work goes into increasing a man’s prospects. As the likely initiator, he has to learn how to initiate and lead a conversation properly, build impeccable self esteem, be experienced in social situations, have a vibrant social life, have a vision in life, and have a promising career IN ADDITION to looking better by exercising and eating healthy. These things take time, continuous effort, and multiple failures to achieve.

Getting a decent date for the 90% is hard. If a man can’t get a decent date, he will not get any opportunities to practice and improve, and will be eternally sentenced to a frustrating love life. Women get more opportunities than men, which is why dating is harder for men.

Not having any older male siblings/cousins or male role models makes it harder to learn how to act and what moves to make. Men that are on their own with little or no social networks are hugely disadvantaged in dating game. Pick Up Art game is comical and has been proven a big lie that only makes desperate guys look like idiots and lose money for a program that does not work. Dress up and look funny and insult women and fake confidence to pretend to be Alpha Male is not going to work in the real world.

Lol you are like a Brazilian robot.  I was totally diggin you till you came with alpha male insult women shit.  Anyone that has any knowledge of hooking up knows making women laugh is most important quality.  Who the fuck do you chill with that gets women by downgrading them?  Even if they get women by talking shit to them don't give a fuck.  Who wants to be with an abused dog.  Not me