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I am introvert and have no idea what to say to women in social situations. I do not have an extroverted friend to help me out so I avoid those situations. Introverted guys are not liked by most women. It is being introverted that makes it hard for men to attract women. If you are an extroverted guy that is most guys on here, because an extrovert easily handles social situations. Extroverted, outgoing personality is friendly and approachable. Introverted personality is cold, dark, distant and unapproachable.

Then it is a huge numbers game and if you are not extroverted guy, you just keep asking women out until you get positive/yes replies and you are find social interactions boost your energy levels. Introverted guys are less likely to continue asking women out because social interactions are energy draining for introverted guys and find it hard to engage in conversations. It is your introverted personality that repels women.

When anyone says you have bad aura, they do not like that you are quiet introverted and reject you solely based on being an introvert. It is hard to get to know introverted people, they do not engage with others and spend most time on their own studying, reading, watching, TV or any activity that does not involve mixing with other people.

An introvert allows rejections to upset his day/week or longer. Extroverts do not worry about rejection and are more likely to continue on. Inability to handle rejection/failure and being a perfectionist is a fatal flaw that introverts often take the rejection/failure too personally. Extroverts shrug off rejection/failure and 

How do you change from being introverted to extroverted that would help so many guys out?

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