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Ask her if you can ask her a question

If she says no and calls you a creep. Shrug shoulders and just walk away.
Rinse and repeat on girl after girl.

You keep asking girls until you get a score.
Never worry if they say no and move onto next. Never let rejection upset your day.

Do not bother with online dating that is just a waste of time and plenty of girls flake and waste guys time.
Online dating you will stumble across plenty of people asking you for money to save them from bad situation and they promise to pay you back. Never send money to help or to buy a cute puppy dog because you will never hear from them again.

Just asking a question, pick up chicks, score. Do this every day, on streets, library, at college/school.
Alpha does not worry about rejection he goes on and on and uses game to get what he wants.

If you are not a fat/obese neck beard you have a good chance of picking up chicks in real life. It takes courage to pursue and chase your dreams in life.

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