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NightlyPoe said:

That's exactly what I mean.  Link's Awakening is a remake.  It would make much better sense to me that if you have a crowded schedule, you would push back a smaller game that needs room to breath to anchor your Winter schedule instead of having it swallowed by Pokemon.  Animal Crossing wouldn't have that problem.

And yes, of course Animal Crossing would still sell 10 million.  I called it an evergreen title myself.  However, evergreen titles get huge boosts during the Holiday.  Nintendo would just be bypassing a ton of money as people buy a Switch and a handful of games by holding it back.

Disagree from a strategic point of view AC makes more sense to delay as Pokemon a guaranteed 15m seller can easily carry the holidays with a smaller project rather than have to large titles cannibalize sales from each other, evergreen titles like AC also don't really rely on holiday boosts look at BOTW these are games people are already planning to get whether on release or down the line hence why they have legs in their sales AC being delayed to the Spring release window is not unusual.