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Mar1217 said:
Green098 said:

In GameXplain's latest E3 prediction video, there was an all round consensus it would release early next year.


They did agree the E3 direct would show off Animal Crossing at least.

Doesn't really matter what gamexplain opinion is on the matter to be honest. As said, XC2 did release in a same fashion where almost everyone thought it was getting delayed beyond 2017. There's no problem for them to do it with Animal Crossing.

That and I don't see Banjo be in Smash.

I think it all depends on development and scheduling.

There are a lot of first party titles on Nintendo's end that are releasing this second half of the year.

If AC does get delayed to early 2020, its not necessarily a delay in a technicality sense.

Nintendo's fiscal years usually start in March so if AC release before March, its still considered a FY 2019 release.

Not saying AC will get delayed, but there is a technicality to releasing in early 2020.