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Mar1217 said:
Jranation said:
Was Xenoblade in the same position as Fire Emblem Awakening?

Nope. It was completly different. Nintendo of America just didn't want to localize the game to the west. Nintendo of Europe did the localization following Project Rainfall which had for goal to bring 3 "major" JRPGs here : Pandora's Heart, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Even then, Xenoblade got only a limited release with Gamestop which sold out more rapidly than they could anticipate.

Now, it makes me wonder why the support of fans could make this happen while we still have to wait for the official localization of Mother 3 which has obviously a ton of support behind it.

Not entirely accurate NOE localized the 3 games for EU release but NOA refused to bring them to NA that's when OR happened.