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Landale_Star said:
Ganoncrotch said:

For that to happen / be of any use for OP then he would need to remain available on the chances that she changes her mind, unless he is going to get with someone in the mean time and then drop that person when this first girl decides to see what OP has to offer, but yeah in the mean time he is sat blasting rope to her facebook timeline holiday pics from 3 years ago! >.> I hear people do that... honest!

I hear that those people are amateurs who risk accidentally liking that random holiday pic from 3 years ago when instead they could download the images and "console themselves" without alerting her and her friends. Which then leads to "these people" making an impromptu status about how they just changed phones and the Facebook app is all different on this one and you've accidentally liked a bunch of pics that were just thrown up in the timeline....

I mean, I've just heard that happens...I think I'd have a much more convincing lie....

If you find a good one from a few years ago though.... a like on it will have it show in your activity so you can revisit later easier and it adds a danger element to doing it!

man.... I remember when normal porn worked for me... what is my life?

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