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jason1637 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Lol you're saying that he has 2 options 1 is to walk away and find someone else, option 2 is to ignore her feelings and stay near her until she changes her mind.

What about the non big bang theory reality of the fact where she says she doesn't wanna date the guy, and then she doesn't ever date the guy because that was what she wants? I genuinely think that trying to stay hanging about as her friend in the hopes that she'll come around and give his dick a sniff to see what it's like isn't a healthy mindset, there's loads of guys around that she's prolly interested in and the OP could easily find a girl who is interested in him, the world is full of people. To lock into your mind for any lenght of time that "she's the one for me" while she's telling you directly to your face that she isn't, is wasted time.

Being friends with her is not ignoring her feelings since she wants to be friends. He can still find someone else while maintaining a friendship with his co worker. I just said that if he stays friends with her there is always a possibility that she could catch feelings too.

For that to happen / be of any use for OP then he would need to remain available on the chances that she changes her mind, unless he is going to get with someone in the mean time and then drop that person when this first girl decides to see what OP has to offer, but yeah in the mean time he is sat blasting rope to her facebook timeline holiday pics from 3 years ago! >.> I hear people do that... honest!

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