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That's pretty awesome, I love it when a new IP isn't just a one and done game, we see it so often now where there is a great game but it features a character that will never expand out into a brand, like say Horizon Zero dawn, would be great to see that world expand out like the way Nintendo does with Mario as a brand, create a great game with a great character and then make a new game and use the old character to bring some of that audience into the new title.

For those interested btw Yooka Laylee are also in the roster for the smash clone called Brawl out and they have their own story mode in it that's rather fun to play through (they are free dlc in the game!) but yeah I love the idea of creating new IP's and new actual series of games so we don't have to be going back to the well for the Spyro Trilogy and the Crash Trilogy to remember a time when we had a mascot character last more than a single title.

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