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Bofferbrauer2 said:
BraLoD said:

MS has a lot of good games.

Golden Axe definitely is not one of them, tho, lol.

The MS version is pretty bad, you could switch it for Streets of Rage, that's a way better 8-bit equivalent of a great Mega Drive game.

Sonic 2 is also pretty good, even if Sonic 1 is by far my favorite game on the whole system.

Fantasy Zone 2 is even better than 1. It's also my 2nd favorite of the system.

Dragon Crystal is a superb game nobody really talks about, try it if you didn't.

Super Monaco GP 2 is also pretty fun (even more for starring our beloved Ayrton Senna).

MS is a marvelous system, even if the NES has definitely more good games because they were exclusively locked, MS is the most underappreciated console of all time.

I left out Super Monaco GP (and any other racing game for that matter) due to potential licensing issues.

Didn't know there was a second Fantasy Zone on the System. And even a Spinoff!

Also, really had to look up Dragon Crystal, but looks intriguing. Reminds me playing Nethack Falcon's Eye

Fantasy Zone 2 might be the most beautiful 8-bit game ever. It's also really, really fun.

Dragon Crystal is a pretty hard roguelike, but I really like all about it. Give it some tries if you can (it'll take some time to understand it).