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Ka-pi96 said:
Wyrdness said:

UEFA are considering linking it to WC qualification they haven't decided on how yet at the moment they're considering having the top two take two of the allocated WC spots for European teams.

Top two as in the two finalists?

It's not really a terrible idea, but if that means those two teams sit out of qualifying then denying them of two years worth of competitive internationals is a bit a blow to them.

And hey, it'd at least be much better than the Euro qualifying which gives a place to every nations league division. Just imagine Liechtenstein going to a World Cup (while a nation like Italy misses out)

It would likely work in the same way as it works for the Euro 2020 qualifying, namely that the Nations League is a failsafe. All teams will participate in the regular qualifying for Euro 2020, but if the winner of this week's Nations League final somehow failed, they would get a Euro 2020 spot. If the Nations League winner qualifies normally for Euro 2020, then the next-best team in the Nations League inherits this spot. Such a system drastically reduces the chances that a Division A team does not qualify, because most of those teams won't mess up the regular qualifying.

As far as I understood it, the "one team per division will qualify for Euro, guaranteed" rule is a special exception because of the 60-year-anniversary of the European championship for national teams. It has to be seen if they'll do it again for Euro 2024.

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