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mZuzek said:
Mar1217 said:
BTW, being a more casual player makes it weird when I hear so much negativity from some for the inclusion of a gimmick like Dynamax, that imo doesn't look bad at all, I'd say some kind of pace breaker like those are necessary if you don't want your general experience to get dull fast since they can only go so far with the actual turn based formula.

Also if this means I can "piss off" a certain raccoon with my sig then I'm all for it :P

I'm sorry to say that your signature never achieved its intended purpose.

As for the "pace breaker" argument, honestly, I disagree quite a lot there. There were 5 generations of Pokémon games without that sort of thing, and they were all enjoyable (well, gen 4 not so much) because the standard Pokémon formula is just fun and it doesn't get stale too easily. I can understand how, after 15 years of it, people were finally starting to get tired, and then Mega Evolution was the perfect twist to the formula, that added a whole new layer to Pokémon battles and was just a very cool thing in general with the new designs and all. Everyone digged it, and wanted - no, expected - it to keep going.

Comparatively, Z-Moves and Dynamax are incredibly shallow and feel forced. They add nothing interesting to the franchise or its gameplay, and are, as you put it yourself, pace breakers. Shoehorning a lazy and annoying gimmick in several portions of the game that could easily do without them only serves that purpose, to break the pace, break the immersion, break the fun. It's lame, and it's something all of these Shigeru Ohmori games have excelled at doing: forcing unwanted content onto the player. It was the forced legendary encounters and stupid lore in OR/AS; the everything in Sun/Moon; and now it's Dynamax, and hopefully only Dynamax. These things just take me right out of the adventure and have me instead questioning their reason for existing. But as I've said before, this time I was already expecting it, so I'm not as annoyed as I could've been.

Hooray for 13,000.

First, I do agree with the first paragraph.

Though ... how can you already judge the impact and depth of a mechanic that we've only just seen yesterday + nobody has even touched yet ? As for Z-moves go, yes it is quite gimmicky and overly not balanced for an almost 1-shot kill move but the implementation of the Dynamax feature is not similar enough with it's countepart to warrant such early judgement.

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