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HyrulianScrolls said:
I really don't understand why we can't just have megas be continued? I cut GF a lot of flack and don't like to hate on them as much as a lot of fans do, but do they really have that little awareness of how well received megas are in the fanbase and how poorly received these other gimmicks since have been? Everyone wants new megas and there's so much cool potential on the table there. That is probably the only thing that really irritates me about these games so far. Unless Megas are back. But Dynamax still looks really, really dumb and pointless though.

Megas won't be back. They've said a long time ago that they were going to have new different gimmicks every generation, and that Mega Evolution was a Kalos thing (well, I suppose Hoenn too). As lame as Dynamax is, I can't justify the general disappointment, because it was telegraphed, and I don't think the situation will change anytime soon. As long as Shigeru Ohmori remains director, the Pokémon franchise will be in terrible hands - heck, at this point I'd say Game Freak as a whole is bad, why can't they just turn the whole thing over to more talented developers? No one knows, I guess, but it is what it is. I already knew we were getting a new stupid gimmick, so I had low expectations, and haven't been underwhelmed by this game so far, knowing how bad the vision can be at Game Freak.