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Jranation said:
mZuzek said:

I wish someone could just talk some fucking sense into Game Freak. Mostly everyone likes Mega Evolutions and dislikes the gimmicks that came later. Is it that hard to stop shoehorning dumb gimmicks into the game and give people something that's actually, you know, good?

That would suck. I hope there will be different modes/options for it. And I feel like they are using these gimmicks for the younger audience. I for one will like this one because visuals will be nice to look at. 

Yeah, of course they're using them for the younger audience, that's why they're so stupid. Also, what visuals are you talking about? It's literally the same thing only larger and with red shading. And weird looking clouds. Yeah I suppose the move animations are more stylish, but that's nothing they couldn't have done without the whole Dynamax bullcrap.

That said, given your... questionable choice of avatar, I'm not sure this is worth discussing much over.