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BraLoD said:
Dulfite said:
Dynamax may cause me not to buy this. The idea that any Pokemon can just power up like that is absurd to me and ruins the uniqueness of mega stones, which they already ruined with z moves. I also don't like them getting massive like that, they looked like giant balloons rather than Pokemon.

Dynamax do reminds those training balloons from XY

Yeah, I just can't shake the image of Pokemon parade balloons fighting each other when I look at Dynamax. Really not liking Dynamax, just seems like Z-moves 2.0 but now with giant balloon Pokemon. Really wish they would have revived Mega Evolutions instead, and given us about 30 new Mega evolutions, including the Johto starters (with a choice of both a Galar starter and a Johto starter, much like we got both a Kalos starter and a Kanto starter in gen 6). Then for the gen 4 remake in a few years we could have got Mega's for the Sinnoh starters, and so on and so forth in the future until all of the starters have Mega's.