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0D0 said:
curl-6 said:

Exceptions still exist and count.

Regarding the second bit, you're being a bit confusing here, what exactly is your point? You were talking about the Switch selling cos of Wii U games and having all Nintendo's big franchises in its first year, now you seemed to have sidestepped into talking about Wii U's lifetime library? Either I missed something or your posts aren't making any sense.

You missed when I said that I committed a mistake in my statement regarding 12 months. Incorrect exaggeration.

0D0 said:

"Wii was an exception. NES and SNES barely had competition.

My mistake was saying 12 months. Wii U had Smash, MK, Mario 2D, Mario 3D, DKC, Zelda. This is "almost every big franchise"."

Regarding exceptions. I don't make general rule statements considering exceptions. If you do, you and me can't have a proper discussion. Every time I discuss Nintendo, I always remove Wii or I add it as a bubble and exception, not as a rule to Nintendo's home console business performance. Nintendo has never had a home console with that performance after Sony entered the market. Actually, Nintendo home console business has been shrinking since Nintendo's first home console. That's the Nintendo home console sales rule (except Wii). If I were a Nintendo sales analyst, I'd always put Wii on parenthesis.

You may disagree with that, but there's no way round it with me. The same with NSW that I'll never consider part of the home console business. An army of people can tell me I'm wrong based on a thousand reasons, which is fair but I don't care.

The premisses that I don't discuss and I don't negotiate:

- Nintendo home console business has been decreasing since ever (except Wii) from 60m NES to 13m Wii U.

- Nintendo left the home console business after Wii U.

- God exists.

All impossible to prove statements! Neat!

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