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0D0 said:
curl-6 said:

PS5 will still get plenty of big games in Japan; some they'll money-hat, others will be shared with Switch, and yet others will be made for PS5 instead of Switch by devs who'll prioritize eye candy over being financially sensible.

Not strictly true, the Wii was a success.

Splatoon 2 wasn't a Wii U game, nor was Odyssey. As for using "almost every big franchise in the first 12 months" where was Pokemon, Animal Crossing, 2D Mario, Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Mario Party, etc?

Wii was an exception. NES and SNES barely had competition.

My mistake was saying 12 months. Wii U had Smash, MK, Mario 2D, Mario 3D, DKC, Zelda. This is "almost every big franchise".

Define "barely":

Sega Genesis

1988–1997 (Sega)

Units sold
Sega: 30.75 million
Tec Toy: 3 million
Majesco: 1.5 million (projected)