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RolStoppable said:
linkink said:

I was very close to yesterday. its too distracting, need to make money, and have too many stuff on my plate, not that i want too. damn was i wrong about switch falling off a cliff, that was embarrassing. still it wont touch ps4 LTD.  if it does i will personally make a account too congratulate you.  I was right about switch not coming close to 20 million though

This edited version of your post is exactly what I've been talking about.

linkink said:

earn sympathy over what? this forum is a waste of time, honestly it's not good for me. i kinda have to thank you for getting me banned last time, and this time as well. i'm wasting time here talking about video games sales, when i haven't played a game in months.

Solution: Buy a Switch when the PS4 isn't doing it for you.

i have wiiu, that i never touched. im gonna get zelda and see what so great about the game. ps4 is probably my favorite console ever i just on the grind right now and all i think is about making money.