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Zoombael said:
haxxiy said:

Then why you're asking?

You know Sony is lying. They've literally published dozens of games developed in less time, from Final Fantasy VII to the Uncharted and Resistance games.

Also, opinions. It's an AAA game nevertheless. Most ACs, CoDs, Battlefields etc. out there are developed in two or three years or so. Or even less.

You're convinced the answer to the question is fully disclosed. I'm not.

Opinionshminion. A six year old might think Knack is the best game ever. Doesn't change the fact that it is mediocre.

I gotta say. Odyssey is actually as pretty solid game. I'm not super far into it yet but I'm finding it pretty enjoyable, more than I have for any Assassin's Creed game between ACII and the present. Maybe it's because I started playing it six months after release but I haven't encountered a frustrating bug yet. I don't see why anyone would think its "far from being a great game". It appears to do what it intends to do pretty welll so far.