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JRPGfan said:
Shiken said:

Why couldn't we have the ability to make our own stories and make our own uniquely crafted dungeon designs and world to share with everyone?  I think a Zelda maker would have MASSIVE potential and would be completely different than your typical RPG maker or Mario Maker.

I guess if they make the tools complex enough.... Dreams for the PS4 is basically such a thing.
So maybe it could work,.... its just, its vastly differnt from a 2D platforming Mario Maker, where it doesnt demand much of the designer.

A more complex creation process would be the only way it would work, and that is not a bad thing.  Many people just want to play the levels rather than create them, and it would give options to creators between using a simpler Mario Maker game or the more complex Zelda maker.

Anything other than that and yes, your concerns would come into fruition.  However I do not think that anyone who wants this truly wants nor expects a Zelda skin Mario Maker.

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