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Kslost said:
Pok87 said:

Animal Crossing reveal, release date in 2019. (100%)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (25%)
New Switch Hardware (0%)
Mario & Luigi RPG (10%)
Super Mario Odyssey 2 (1%)
Super Mario 64 Remake (0,001%)
Waluigi Smash Bros DLC (10%)
Paper Mario RPG (10%)
Diddy Kong Racing (5%)
Mario Kart 9 (5%)
Metroid Prime 4 Gameplay (5%)
Nintendo Labo Cancelled Forever with a public apology (0%)


I would also add:

Pikmin 4 (20%)
Bayonetta 3 (40%)
New IP (40%)
Star Fox Racer (20%)
ARMS 2 (10%)

More along the lines of expected.  Except Pikmin 4, I have a feeling they're having hard time with 100 little pikmin running around on an undocked Nintendo Switch.  I hope I'm wrong, I'd be d1 on any Pikmin game coming to Switch.

At this point, I’m more willing to believe that this game doesn’t exist and Miyamoto’s statement was more his way to force Nintendo to finance his project.