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Bofferbrauer2 said:
chakkra said:

And sorry to barge in in your discussion but I had to address this:

Errr.. Nintendo did only ONE price cut for the Wii U in its lifetime. And before you tell me that was because of costs, in the last 2.5 years they have refused to do even heavy promotions for the Switch. I mean, besides the $30 gift card, what other promotions have they done?

So I think you are being waaay too optimistic about those price cuts. BUT, on the other hand, I think they will follow the 3DS route and launch a cheaper version. So that should help a lot anyways.

You may barge in, no problem

Nintendo only did one because they knew a second one wouldn't have changed anything, and because Nintendo got pretty bad deals from suppliers due to the the low sales numbers. Having cut the price then would maybe have resulted in 1M more sales a year, but would also have resulted in bleeding money. Unless they would have had a serious chance in reversing the bad sales, cutting the price wasn't an option for Nintendo on the Wii U.

Besides, the first pricecut did practically nothing to the Wii U, what do you think that tells you if you're in the position of an executive? That another one would just be a waste of money, for the most part.

chakkra said:

Ok, honest question here:
I'm a total analphabet when it comes to Pokemon, but isn't Pokemon Go supposed to be a remake of Pokemon Yellow? So why is this not considered a mainline Pokemon? Or wasn't Pokemon Yellow a mainline game to begin with?

Or is it not considered a mainline title precisely because is a remake?

Pokemon Let's go is both a remake of 1st Gen and, more importantly, a spinoff of the mobile Pokemon Go - and thus doesn't qualify as a mainline title.

Cool.  Thanks for the reply