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SpokenTruth said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Me thinks democrats actually like the trade war just as an excuse to attack Trump. Dems brag about wanting to raise taxes which affects everybody, rich and poor. Meanwhile republicans like to talk about cutting taxes and spending, but are ironically are big spenders as well.

I don't deny the irony at all, that's the great thing about being in the center. But maybe there is also irony in left wingers mocking Trump for higher taxes when his opposition is objectively huge proponents of higher taxes on everybody.

On a side note, its not like the people mocking Trump have solutions to dealing with the threat that is China. Instead people on the left seem to deny China is even a problem which is odd when you take everything into consideration.

And that's just silly.  First, no..we don't want some stupid, avoidable trade war just so we can attack Trump.  He does plenty of stuff for that already.  However, we want taxes that can be utilized for social programs, infrastructure, education, etc...  But instead, these tariffs are ironically going to be used to pay the industries hit by this trade war.  Hence we do not endorse tariffs.

I'll break this down.

US importers are taxed (the tariff) X% on certain imported goods.
They pay that tariff to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection which is then transferred to the Treasury.
US importers increase the cost to consumers at a rate approx equal to the tariff (offsetting their costs) meaning consumers pay the tariff overall. US exporters are losing money because China retaliated with tariffs of their own and/or sourced those product from other countries.
Trump creates fund to offset industry loses from the trade war via the very tariffs the trade war takes in.

So yes, we call him stupid for doing this but no we don't want him to do just so we can call him stupid and no we don't support trade war tariffs.

Agreed, he does do plenty of stuff worth attacking. But I guess its not juicy enough, so we waste time with Russia.

Anybody know how much is actually being spent on subsidies? People always say they hate them, but how much is it really. I suspect its not really that much in the grand scheme but I could be wrong. Based on the figures I see, we spend significantly more making people fat with food stamps.

Just out of curiosity, I did a search Bing search on, "Obama tarrifs." I wouldn't say that democrat was opposed to tariffs.

I wasn't suggesting dems want high taxes for nothing per se. They want to crush the private sector in many cases, throw MORE money at things with little results, etc. I mean education for example, we spend more money educating children than almost any other country with little to show for it. Many of our social services just seem to make people lazy and fatter, that's most prevalent among groups who take advantage of these entitlements. For what its worth, I think there are better ways to dole out social services/welfare but our government is just terrible at it. The solution isn't throw more money at bad programs and bad spending.

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