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mjk45 said:
Pemalite said:
The Americans voted for it. - No point worrying about spilt milk.
Pricing might actually fall in line with AUD for next-gen hardware? (Though our dollars monetary value is less, so technically we might pay less.)

They are pretty much delaying the inevitable though, China will overtake the USA, only a matter of when, not if. - But it will be interesting to see how the trade war affects things economically, it will provide the empirical evidence to other countries if they consider a similar path in the future on whether it is a good or bad thing.

No us Australians will pay more even if you add 25% to US rrp for the PS5 there are two reasons the first is the dollar difference is around 30% the other is price  gouging the accc have stated in the past that console and games rrp sits well  above the conversion rates and that's factoring in import costs for the consoles and peripherals, something that the actual games don't have since Sony's has one of the worlds largest blu-ray plant's in Sydney that covers Oceana and parts of SouthEast Asia.

The price in the US should have a minimal effect here as we import direct from China rather than China > USA > Australia.
China also imports a large swathe of our resources as well, which has given us some favorable trade in the past.

Where things get tricky is on resources/components/technology that China imports from the USA.

The fact we already have high prices is another whinge session I could have but won't go into...