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EricHiggin said:
SpokenTruth said:

You and your analogies.

1. Trump is the president and the Commander in Chief of the military. This is the not acceptable for his station.  For he should both know better and should respect the institution he's stroking his ego over. 

2. Democrats talking gun control after a tragedy is about protecting lives and preventing further tragedy.  Has nothing to do with using a solemn moment to stroke an ego. But again, this is you with your non-sequitur analogy.

3. Can I just point out that you don't say "Happy Memorial Day"?  This isn't a birthday.  You don't say happy regarding fallen soldiers.  When men and women take the day to weep at the graves of lost loved ones.  When vets take remembrance of their brethren that never made it home. The last thing you say to a Gold Star family is, "Happy Memorial Day".  And then brag about an economy (that was largely built by the previous administration anyway).

4. 5 faked draft deferments.  This man doesn't have to the moral right to lead our military let alone represent how to respect the federal holiday of Memorial Day.

5. You might not think it's a big deal but everybody I know in the military or former military isn't happy with it.  That includes me, my wife, my oldest son, my step-father, my brother, his wife, their daughter, my grandfather, all of my staff and on and on.

But let's take things up a notch and look at what he said this year. “I have to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day,"  He said this directly to active service members on the USS Wasp in Japan.  This proves that not only is he clueless about the message "very happy" says but he doesn't even know what Memorial Day really means and who it is for.  But the real kicker, he said it to Japanese soldiers on their ship too.  He is completely and wholly unaware of the context of which he just said those words.  Memorial Day became commonly observed at the end of WWII...the war were we fought Japan. The leader of our military....

1. Let's all agree on what is and isn't Presidential or politically correct, and then name everything every President has ever done that's 'wrong'. What a short list that will be for each...

2. So why do we only hear about it during gun incidents and not consistently? If nothing get's done about it, then how are they preventing further incidents?

3. You mean like coming together and celebrating the death of Christ or any prophet or savior? Man those religious people are terrible. No wonder why they vote for him...

4. I agree, Obama or Hillary were way more qualified. Just look at how often they used the military. Lucky ISIS just gave up when Trump showed up...

5. It's unfortunate you feel that way, but how large is the military and who speaks for them?

6. No more nuking makes me feel pretty happy.

1). So you're OK with him stroking his ego while insulting the fallen soldiers of the very armed forces he is elected to lead? You're OK with a leader that is ignorant of protocols, decorum, procedure, propriety, operations and standards for the function he leads?

2). Uh, we do hear it constantly.  You just don't watch, read or listen to the news or editorials that lend to such discussions. Besides, when you have what amounts to a mass shooting practically every week...that's a pretty constant discussion.  And I say discussion in the loosest terms given the right has no interest whatsoever in said discussion.

3). You might want to talk to a Catholic or Muslim.  They do mourn their solemn holidays.  That said, the methods of observation for one group regarding their ceremonial institutions and special days are not directly equitable in methods of observation for other groups. By the way, Good Friday and Passover are not generally a 'celebrated' day.  You don't say, "Happy Good Friday" do you (I really hope not)?  Hang on....were you thinking of Easter?  The celebration of Jesus resurrection and rising from the grave?

All that aside, the observance of Memorial Day has always been one of solemnity, introspection, sacrifice, and sorrow.  In fact, by law, we are supposed to pause at 3 PM for 1 minute in silent observation.

4). You know ISIS isn't defeated, right?  I hope you didn't believe Trump when he made that claim. Even his own national security advisor, John Bolton, has had to admit they are not defeated. How did Yemen turnout, by the way?  And aren't we looking at a war with Iran now?  But that's irrelevant because you are playing the whataboutism game. But Obama this and Clinton that.  Are they president right now?  No.  Aren't you the people that always tell us "He won, get over it"? In other words, accept that Trump is president and deal with it.  Well, I'm dealing with it and calling him out for his bereft qualifications for military leadership.

5). Active duty is about 1.4 million.  A further 800,000 in reserves.  Plus around 21 million veterans. So about 23 million directly connected plus dozens of millions more family.  Who speaks for them requires a multifaceted answer.  One could say Trump himself as he is the Command in Chief. Another answer is the Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.  A 3rd option is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the senior most military officer in the US, General Joseph Dunford, USMC. The first two are considered civilians and not actually military. And of course you can see each member speaks for themselves. But most who have personally spoken on the issue are not "happy" about it.

6). Well, hell yes that's something to be happy about.  Not sure what M.A.D. has to do with Memorial Day but I'm happy about it to.  So does it worry you any that Trump kept asking his foreign policy experts why we can't just use nukes?

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."