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linkink said:
Nuvendil said:

It's more different than more or less powerfull.  It has a superior CPU, but a vastly inferior GPU.  So some areas of performance are better, others worse.  They are similar in overall capabilities.  This doesn't however guarantee Witcher 3 is a thing.  

everything that I read so far points to GPD2 being more powerful. its brute forcing wolfenstien 2 and Doom, and runs better then switch. The device is way more expensive so it should be more powerful anyway.

The weakness is the Intel HD 615 graphics.  It's a lot less capable than the X1.  

The CPU side of things though will be a lot better, and it has some modest RAM advantages.  Also, the GPD Win 2 is running the PC version with all its assorted adjustable settings.  So settings can be fiddled with to play to the GPD Win's strength.  The Switch version is mostly fixed in place so what id and Panic Button chose to prioritize is what you get.