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routsounmanman said:
Nuvendil said:
That would be...unexpected for sure.

However, I notice these are all Japanese. So my first thought is...well my first thought is elaborate fake. But my second thought is, it will be a streamed game.

That's Chinese, not Japanese.

About a page too late :P

DonFerrari said:
Nuvendil said:

Ah, well that's what I get for not reading carefully and just checking the images :P

And no, I can read neither Japanese nor Chinese.  Both use Kanji so I simply mistook it for Japanese at a glance.

And yeah, I could imagine a physical box with a code for the streamed version.  They already sell empty boxes so why not?  But that wouldn't be the case in France though so that is an interesting additional piece of evidence 

Tip for you.

When you have just Kanji it's likely Chinese. Japanese would have some hiragana or katakana.

Yeah, I am aware of the other letters.  I just failed a spot check on that one.