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Results (all preliminary) in some of the bigger countries:

France: The far right wing Rassemblement national won with 23.5% very closely against Macrons liberal party En Marche with 22.5%. Greens are behind with 13%.

Germany: The biggest parties (and currently in power in national german government) of CDU/CSU and SPD lost a lot and are now at 29% and 16%. That actually means that the Greens who doubled their result from 2014 (now 21%) are actually now the second biggest party.

Italy: The right wing Lega Salvini won with 34%. PD follows with 23% and M5S with 16%.

Spain: The social democrats of the PSOE whoc are currently running the government won with 33%. PP (conservatives) had only 20%.

Remember: all numbers are still early.

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