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Fair. Is your mood usually stable? I do find when playing games at a certain times in my life or in certain seasonal moods it can make it or break it, Until Dawn for example, hated it at release and then played it a few months later and fell in love right to the platinum. Some games I've gone back to play which I held in the highest of regard and wondered, why the hell did like this at all? And vice versa. I always give the really acclaimed games second chances, sometime more, I've given BoTW three chances now and my last attempt was closer to the critical reception, hope to fall in love with it someday so I try everytime I get my hands on the switch for an extended period.

I'd say if you aren't feeling it, scrap it and come back another time, there is no point slogging your way through a game you aren't enjoying and one day down the line it could become a game you really love as you change, your habits or you hit that mood thst gels perfectly with the game.

Best o' luck.


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