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I still don't have a Switch, and may never buy one, but local save backup is a HUGE one for me. It's the only feature of their online sub ( that I know of for sure, I thiiink there's discounts too? ) that appeals to me, and it's a ludicrous feature to hide behind a paywall.

-Friend messaging.....I don't even know what to say about this one. Jesus Tapdancing Christ? Yes, that will do.
-Browser would be nice.
- I don't care about themes
-Better battery life. Sure!
- The rest I could take or leave

I'm also a bit concerned about the overall durability and build quality of the system. Seems suspect. I just know I'd get a f***ing lemon too. It's written in the stars. Nobody on Earth has had as many problems with the Vita as I have. It's been so unbelievably gross, and made me hate life and myself.

Looking forward to seeing how the new models of the Switch shake out.

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