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CGI-Quality said:
VideoGameAccountant said:
Two things I want to point out. The 16 million for Uncharted 4 should probably be removed as it's VERY dubious. Sony's official information only has the game at 8.7 million after 266 days after launch. Sony does update other games that keep selling. Horizon shows up through 672 days with 10 million. We're saying the game doubled in sales and sold another 8 million a year after it came out? Maybe it's all bundels but I'd say that it's probably closer to 8, not 16.
See pg 9

On the sales, one thing to keep in mind is that all of these titles are releasing late into the system's life, after the system already has a large install base. In other words, they didn't move the system, more likely the system moved them. It seems more like 3rd party games pushed the system and then Sony's first party games road the wave thereafter. Fun fact, Bloodborn, released in 2015, has only sold 1 million according to Sony. We'll get a better idea when Gen 9 gets moving into high gear if their first party line up is really moving units or if the rising tide lifted all boats.

Sony's official info has Uncharted 4 well over 10 million (though no exact figure is given, the graph reveals plenty). And, you're really reaching if you're trying to diminish the achievement of these games because 'they didn't sell the system, the system sold them'. 

Btw, Bloodborne sold 1 million within its first month (you spun that as well). We are now 4 years after the launch of the game, with no idea what its lifetime total is, but one can reasonably assume it sold plenty more after May 2015.

You are talking to a guy who was on a crusade one year ago on this website to make people believe that PS4 will never reach Wii's sales and never top 100M and gave his "data" to prove it.

I thought he was gone because he was totally wrong. 

I expect Epic necrobump when PS4 will be officially over 100M this year. 

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