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sethnintendo said:
dx11332sega said:

Yes , And I hated it till I learned if you set it in replay at options menu which it actually gives you infinite lives and continues . Also change shield colors red to absorb red bullets and blue shield for blue bullets was confusing . Ikuruga is very hard after the 3rd stage . But yeah, great game love it :)

Oh you can change from white and black to red and blue.  Have it on GC and Steam.  Might check Steam version out see if color change is option.  I would prob prefer default white and black though.  Game is a pain but I love playing it.  Usually go by default live settings so never beat it and believe level 4 is farthest I've made it.  Think there are only 5 levels. 

My most fav though would be the 90s Raiden in the arcade.  That laser beam kicked ass.

At 4:55 he's in menu about 20 seconds in I think he picks continues unlimited ^_^

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