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NathanSSSS said:
linkink said:

I never understand the comments about being impressed a handheld is running a current gen console game. Especially after the 360/ps3 gen we have seen many games designed to run on several times more powerful hardware be scaled down to 360/ps3. These were consoles that were ancient and only had 512mb of ram. switch has modern tech in comparison, a 2.5X more powerful GPU, and 6X the Ram, I had no doubt it can run some demanding current gen games. What would impress me is if it ran one, and managed to be a great looking switch game, which still hasn't Happened yet, instead of just being your usual choppy, or Sub HD mess

On my personally opinion, I think it is because Nintendo players are used to play on systems which were outperformed by other same gen consoles since a decade ago, even though the graphics on their systems are mostly left behind by one gen, like 3DS performed like PSP, or Switch performed like PS3/360, they can still feel the upgrade on graphic side, comparing with last gen Nintendo consoles instead of other same gen consoles. just make myself an example, I played every single PM games from GameBoy to Swtich era, every time GF made upgrade on graphics for new gen console, I did feel impressed, because I compared it to the last gen graphics. I think that makes sense why people feel impressed by switch running some games no matter current gen or last gen.

Being used to systems with less power can be a factor, but for me at least it has more to do with the fact that when I was a kid mobile graphics looked like this:

So seeing something like Doom 2016 or Hellblade running on a handheld just really impresses on me how incredibly far we've come just in my lifetime.

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