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d21lewis said:

linkink said:

All i see is just natural progression of technology for both consoles, and handheld. I don't get the analogy. portable tech was  impressive with psp, and vita, and switch is just a evolution of that. 

Hey, I was impressed by those portable consoles, too! I personally feel like graphics were "good enough" when we reached PS3/X360 levels. After that, it was just fine tuning and performance. You can see the improvements being made today but somewhere in that area, the "wow factor" just went away for me.

Vita was pretty powerful but it wasn't quite there. I was definitely impressed by it but it was still below 7th gen home consoles based on the titles I bought. With the Switch, portable gaming had hit that "good enough" area. I guess that means I probably won't be as impressed with future portable systems, either. I'll appreciate the improvements but my mind won't be blown like it was the first time I played Zelda BotW.

VR is going to have to carry the load until it reaches a point of diminishing returns, too.

Switch is Definitely below 8th gen as well, so I really don't understand  this point. Seeing Something like spiderman, GOW, or RDR2 quality  on a portable IN SWITCH 2 would diffidently would impress me in a much bigger way then switch has. Then I would agree portable gaming has it a good enough area, as it is now switch is a small step up from lastgen consoles, so the graphics really feel dated, sure it could run some currentgen games, but the results just remind of 360/ps3 ports that were designed for more powerful hardware, they just don't look very good, or run good enough  when compared to games tailored for the system.

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