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d21lewis said:

linkink said:

I never understand the comments about being impressed a handheld is running a current gen console game. Especially after the 360/ps3 gen we have seen many games designed to run on several times more powerful hardware be scaled down to 360/ps3. These were consoles that were ancient and only had 512mb of ram. switch has modern tech in comparison, a 2.5X more powerful GPU, and 6X the Ram, I had no doubt it can run some demanding current gen games. What would impress me is if it ran one, and managed to be a great looking switch game, which still hasn't Happened yet, instead of just being your usual choppy, or Sub HD mess

I'm from the NES gaming era where home games were always a shadow of their arcade counterparts and portable games were a shadow of a shadow. Now, even the most powerful arcade game of back then can run on the shittiest phone and the best looking games of last gen (which actually hold up really well imo) are capable of running even better on a portable.

I guess I'm impressed by how far portable tech has come. Home consoles offer a better experience but you kind of expect that. For me, I guess (in analogy form) going from cool water to warm water is more impressive than going from warm water to hot water.

All i see is just natural progression of technology for both consoles, and handheld. I don't get the analogy. portable tech was  impressive with psp, and vita, and switch is just a evolution of that. 

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